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5.0mm (3/16) Cable Seal

“Custom Orders can be Bar Code, Number and Customer Name”

For orders please contact us or call 1-877-504-7225

  • Rail Cars
  • Trailer Door Latches
  • Container Door Latches
  • Bulk Tankers
  • Large Totes
  • Oil Field Valves

Main Body: Aluminum alloy
Cable: 3/16" 5.0mm non preformed galvanized aircraft cable

Note: Any length of cable can be custom ordered. Please contact us for custom pricing.

Internal Locking Components: Steel
Tensile: 4,496 lbs.
Body Dimensions: 1.18"" x 1.49"" x 0.39"" Cable Diameter: 3/16" 5.0 mm
Laser Printing: Name, Logo, Consecutive Numbers, Barcode
Stock Colors: Red, Blue, and Green (other colors available upon request).

Stock 12"

100pcs -

14 lbs. 13" x 12" x 6"

10 per bundle 10 bags per case


Product Description

The 5.00mm Cable Seal – is a 5.0mm (3/16”) colored aluminum bodied non-preformed galvanized aircraft cable seal. The 5.00mm has a strong locking chamber with steel locking components which makes it difficult to tamper with. Most lengths are available between 12” and 84” and come in the following colors: Red, Blue, Green , Gold, Black, Contact us for pricing on other colors.

Please call if you have specific length requirements.

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A Note on Shipping

Stock product orders will ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of order.


  • Tamper-evident cable seal separates into individual strands when cut and cannot be resealed.
  • Provides added durability over plastic bodied seals but maintains the color identification.
  • Provides a versatile method of identification
  • Available in four standard colors
  • Can be customized by laser printing a name, logo, consecutive number and barcode.
  • Non-preformed steel cable unravels when cut
  • Galvanized steel cable, removable only with tool
  • Prevents tampering by cable cutting and reusing
  • Suitable for securing valuables for long period of time

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