The most general definition of foam is a substance that is formed by trapping many gas bubbles in a liquid or solid. In the packaging and manufacturing industry, foam is a catch all for plastic-based materials with gas expanded through them creating one of the most versatile and economical packaging materials in use.

Many types of foam are available, the most common include:

1. Polyethylene foam
2. Polystyrene foam
3. Polyurethane foam
4. Polypropylene foam

Further designations include whether foam is expanded (as in expanded polystyrene), open or closed cell, density (usually express in pounds per cubic foot or kilograms per cubic meter), color, and special functional characteristics such as fire retardancy and static dissipation.

Foams are used on their own and in tandem with many other materials. Some examples of products utilizing foam materials can be seen on this page. Alta Max furnishes materials and products that include foam meeting the following specifications, to name just a few:

1. A-A-59136
2. A-A-59315
3. PPP-C-1752
4. MIL-P-26514
5. MIL-P-19644
6. MIL-PRF-20092
7. MIL-C-26861
8. ASTM-D4819
9. MIL-P-60312

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