Alta Max supplies a variety of commercial and military grade wood products.

All of our wood material is available heat and preservative treated, as per customer requirements. Our products are made from both soft and hard woods (coniferous and non-coniferous)

Our heat treatment is performed and monitored in accordance with ISPM and government regulations, and all documentation/certification is recorded and available to customers.

Wood, both manufactured (i.e. plywood) and non-manufactured (i.e. dimensional and resawn lumber) are utilized in many products we furnish. In some cases wood is laminated or otherwise joined with materials such as foam, cord, corrugated, and fiberboard.

Please see some examples of our wood work below, as well as a few of the specifications we meet, and contact us to discuss your needs further!

1. MIL-P-15011
2. MIL-B-2427
3. MIL-DTL-2427
4. MIL-STD-731
5. ASTM-D6251
6. Voluntary product standards PS1, PS2 etc..
7. MIL-C-104
8. NN-P-71
9. MIL-P-15943
10. MIL-L-19140
11. MIL-B-46506

Please contact us or call 504-948-8625 for additional information and pricing.