Military Foam Packaging: How to Choose the Best Packing Material

When it comes to military and tactical supplies, you need items that will stand up to tough conditions.

When you're loading up your first aid kit for a mission, or checking off supplies on a packing list, take a moment to consider giving your equipment extra protection with the best type of foam packaging available.

At Alta Max, we offer a variety of foam packaging for military purposes. As experts in the foam packaging and secure shipping industry, we know what it takes to keep your supplies safe.

Whether you need anti-static foam packaging for military electronic equipment, molded foam protection for sensitive metal firearm components, or rubberized military grade packing material that's built to withstand water and other liquids, Alta Max has the solution for you.

The following guide will detail the advantages of each type of foam packaging for military applications and why you need to choose Alta Max.

Why Foam Packaging?

When transporting military equipment, it's important to select packaging that offers reliable protection. It doesn't make sense to rely on subpar packaging when your equipment is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Foam packaging provides a layer of cushioning between your equipment and the outside world, which means better protection for your military supplies.

Most foam packaging is manufactured from polyethylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, or polypropylene and can be custom cut to provide exact protection for your equipment.

Let’s take a closer look at three different options for military-grade foam packaging:

Molded Foam Packaging

For the protection of small or fragile items, molded foam is a great choice that offers shock absorption and superior cushioning. Items packed in this type of foam often have some flexibility to them, so they can fit safely within packaging trays or boxes.

Most molded foam is made from polyurethane, whether it's one-piece or two-piece thermoplastic, and can be manufactured in both regular and High Density (H.D.) grades to provide the exact level of support needed for your items.

Molded Foam In Military Packaging Applications

When you need an added layer of protection for your tactical or military-grade equipment, molded foam is the right choice.

With its shock-absorbing capabilities and flexibility, this type of foam packaging prevents your gear from becoming damaged during shipment, whether it has some give to it or not. Molded foam can also be easily cut with a knife, so you can assemble trays for your equipment and cut the foam to fit.

Rubber Foam Packaging

Another great choice for military equipment is rubber foam packaging. This type of foam offers the ultimate shock absorption, cushioning your equipment so it can withstand even the most forceful impacts.

Rubber foam is often used for hardshell cases, including machined aluminum flight cases, as well as gun cases and storage containers. This type of foam is often made of polyurethane and is manufactured in both regular and High Density (H.D.) grades for added support.

Rubber Foam In Military Packaging Applications

For items that you need to ship via ground transportation, rubber foam offers the best option for shock absorption and cushioning.

Not only will this type of packing material keep your equipment safe during transit, it also provides added protection against vibration and dampens sound during shipment.

Rubber foam can be easily cut to shape for your high-security shipping containers, so you save time when securing your items inside the container.

Anti-Static Foam Packaging

Military electronic equipment is always susceptible to static electricity, which can destroy sensitive components, so it needs the utmost care when shipping. Anti-static foam provides a way to keep your equipment safe and sound without worrying about static electricity affecting its performance.

This type of foam packaging is made from polyethylene, the same material that's used for most molded and rubberized foam. However, anti-static foam has special additives that prevent it from charging up with static electricity, making sure your equipment stays safe.

Anti-Static Foam In Military Packaging Applications

You can use anti-static foam to protect items that are sensitive to static electricity and charge easily, such as military electronic equipment, tools, or even firearms.

When you want a protective covering for your equipment that doesn't need to be completely sealed, anti-static foam is the right choice. This type of packaging prevents your equipment from becoming affected by static electricity and provides shock absorption and excellent cushioning capabilities.

Anti-static foam can also be cut with a knife for shipping containers, so you save time on assembly while ensuring your gear is secure and protected throughout the shipping process.

Which Type is Right for You?

When choosing foam packaging for your military needs, consider the following:

1. Whether you need molded foam, rubberized foam, or anti-static foam

2. The difference between regular and High Density (H.D.) grades of rubberized foam for added support

3. How much bulk bubble cushioning or polyethylene film you need to keep your equipment secure

4. Whether you need cut-to-shape or pre-scored foam for your shipping containers

While each type of packaging foam offers a layer of protection, molded foam is a great choice for cases that can't withstand a lot of impacts, such as aluminum flight cases.

Rubberized and anti-static foams are best suited for military electronic equipment or other sensitive items. For durable shipping containers, choose cut-to-shape foam for an easier time assembling your container.

Alta Max Packaging Provides The Right Type Of Military Packaging For Your Needs

Whether you need molded, rubberized, or anti-static foam for your military equipment, Alta Max offers these types of packaging in various grades to fit most budgets and applications. We also supply bulk quantities of bubble cushioning or polyethylene film to help keep your equipment safe.

Our packaging foam is designed and manufactured to meet the military's stringent standards, so you can feel confident knowing your equipment is safe when it comes to Alta Max for all your military packaging needs. We offer packaging that meets the following specifications:

1. A-A-59136

2. A-A-59315

3. PPP-C-1752

4. MIL-P-26514

5. MIL-P-19644

6. MIL-PRF-20092

7. MIL-C-26861

8. ASTM-D4819

9. MIL-P-60312

With the right military packaging, you can help prevent damage and give your valuable equipment the protection it needs during shipment. We offer a wide range of foam packaging solutions to keep your military equipment safe.

Contact Alta Max today to learn more about our military packaging supplies and how we can help.

You can count on Alta Max Packaging to provide you with all the supplies you need for your packaging needs, from foam and bubble cushioning to strapping and stretch film. Our goal is to ensure your items safely reach their destination every time, no matter how far they have to go.