How to Choose the Best Ammo Box

Metal and Wooden Ammo Boxes

As part of the aerospace and defense industry, maintaining your ammunition and other defense products is not just important - it can be an issue of life or death. Whether you are in the military or a law enforcement official on duty, it is always best to be prepared in case anything comes up.

This is where ammunition boxes come into play. A metal or wooden ammo box will allow you to keep your bullets and other items safe from harm and protected from the elements. 

There are several different types of boxes out there from which to choose, so it is essential that you know exactly what you want before making your purchase. Let’s take a closer look at what ammo boxes are, and how you can make the best choice between wood and metal boxes for your military-grade needs.

What is an Ammo Box?

An ammo box is a type of ammunition storage that comes in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. The top ammo boxes are made from high-quality wood and rugged metal.

Wood and metal ammunition boxes are used to store ammunition for everything from large caliber rifles (12ga) all the way down to .22LR rounds. They can even store other magazines, hearing protection equipment, mortars, grenades, and flares. These boxes are designed to keep their contents dry and safe from any form of damage, and some of them can even float!

Ammo boxes are a vital part of every hobby shooter or military arsenal because they allow you to be organized in a way that would otherwise be impossible. With top-quality ammo boxes offering so many features and options, the hardest choice is choosing a wooden ammo box or a metal ammunition container!

Choosing the Right Wood or Metal Ammo Box

If you're in the market for an ammo box, there are a few things you should look for to select the best box possible. Here's a list of what to consider when making your purchase:

Size and Weight Capacity

When selecting an ammo box, make sure you take into account the size of both your ammo and actual ammunition. While it may seem like an obvious point, acquiring an ammo box that is too small for your collection will necessitate a later purchase, which can be costly.

Size-wise, you should measure the length of your ammo or other items (such as shotgun shells). The box should be at least one inch longer than the longest item you are storing (such as a .45 caliber ammo can for rifles) and half an inch wider than the widest (for example, 12.7-millimeter rounds for your APC ammo box). This ensures that everything you want to store will fit comfortably into your new ammo box.

If you purchase ammo boxes for a long-term storage solution, make sure that the box is built to accommodate the weight. If you have larger or heavier items, such as lead weights for a rifle build, you should look for a sturdier box above all else!

Many ammo box buyers choose metal canisters due to their easy ability to stack up and maintain their structure and protection under pressure.

Water Resistance

If your ammo collection requires you to keep it in a dry place, you need to look for a water-resistant ammo box.

This means that the box will be able to stand up under moisture and even floods; another important feature of ammo boxes is their ability to float, which will allow your collection to remain unsealed in case of flooding!

Closed or Open Ammo Boxes

You should also look at the design of your ammo box. Some boxes are built to be closed, which will protect your items from moisture and damage if they are with you when submerged in water. Others are open, allowing you to see what is inside without having to take out every single piece of ammunition (a great thing for long-term storage).

If you plan on storing your collection in a place where theft may be an issue, closed boxes are the way to go. However, if you're worried about keeping dust off of your ammunition during storage, open box designs might suit you better.

One last thing about wood ammo boxes: not all are built equally, so make sure to inspect each one thoroughly before putting any of your valuable items inside; and if possible, buy from a local store where you can speak to someone about your concerns. This ensures that you'll receive the best value for your dollar!

With all of this in mind, make sure that when you purchase an ammo box, it will do exactly what it is designed to do: keep moisture out and protect your items from theft!

Metal vs. Wood - Which Ammo Box Should You Choose?

With all of this in mind, it's important to figure out what features are most important to you before choosing either a metal ammunition locker or wooden ammo crate!

The Benefits of Metal Ammo Boxes:

Metal ammo boxes are designed for toughness and durability, making them the obvious choice if you plan on storing your ammunition in a place where it will be damaged or stolen. Your ammunition is protected from water damage, dust, sunlight damage, and theft with a metal ammo box!

Metal cans also hold more weight than wooden ammo containers, providing an easy and organized way to store heavier rounds (such as 12ga slugs). These boxes are also made with a latch or keyed locking mechanism, allowing you to keep your storage safe and secure.

The Benefits of Wooden Ammo Boxes:

Wooden ammo boxes are the most common option for storing and transporting small-caliber ammunition because they offer many different options and benefits. Wooden ammo boxes are usually made from the highest quality wood available, making them durable enough to carry heavier rounds (such as 12ga slugs).

This material is also more environmentally friendly for those of you that prefer to buy natural materials.

Wooden ammo boxes can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as carrying ammo in a vehicle or storing your ammo long-term. These boxes are also used for rifle magazines and small-caliber ammunition, making them an ideal option for those of you that need to transport lots of smaller rounds (such as .22LR).

The Best Ammo Box for You

When choosing between metal or wood ammo boxes, the decision lies with your personal taste and potential use. However, both are great options for those who don't need a place to store heavy rounds.

For example, if you're looking for an ammo box that will be used in your truck or car for storing smaller ammunition or rifle magazines, then the wooden ammo crate is ideal. If you need something to use long-term to provide optimal protection for ammo, flares, mortars, grenades, and more, you will want to choose a sturdy metal ammo box.

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