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Folding containers are the cornerstone of the modern packaging industry.Folding containers can be made from paperboard or corrugated fiberboard, and are generally cut, glued, and printed and then shipped knocked-down flat (KDF) to the company filling the cartons. Folding containers can be manufactured for use with automatic loading equipment that allows a manufacturer of goods to receive bulk packaging that is automatically loaded, sealed, and unitized with little or no human involvement!In addition to their use as bulk packers, paperboard traditionally has been the material of choice for retail and high-end printing applications, as well as food and pharmaceutical products.
Corrugated is used widely for shipping containers and bulk containers whose primary function is protection and not visibility. However, the development of laminate printing, preprinted liners, litho-laminating and micro-flutes has brought corrugated into greater use in displays, retail and fine printing applications.
Whether paperboard or corrugated, folding containers offer a superior combination of transportation and material efficiency, variety of designs, and merchandising opportunities including:
1. Billboard impact
2. Graphic impact
3. Product differentiation
4. Brand identification
5. Superior product protection
6. Communication of product information
7. Unlimited variety of sizes, shapes, and designs
8. Responsible environmental lifecycle
9. Ease of packing, storing, distribution, and display.
We can manufacture containers to industry and military specifications including:
1. ASTM-D5118
2. ASTM-D5168
3. PPP-B-566
4. PPP-B-636

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