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Flexible packaging refers to a wide variety of products including films, laminations, extrusions, and labels.

Most military and some industrial packaging designs require a layer of protection utilizing bags and/or liners.

  • These materials can provide protection for a variety of conditions such as:

    1. Corrosion
    2. Water infiltration
    3. Water vapor infiltration
    4. Electrostatic discharge
    5. Grease
    6. Electromagnetic fields Materials can be transparent or opaque, and formed into products such as bags, liners, pouches, sheets, and adhesive strips. A variety of closures including heat and zip seal are also available. Multiple military and industrial specifications are utilized for flexible materials and packaging – a few include:

    1. MIL-DTL-117
    2. MIL-PRF-121
    3. MIL-PRF-131
    4. MIL-PRF-22191
    5. A-A-3174 6. MIL-PRF-81705
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