W5C (Partitions, Boxed, Fillers)


Today paperboard packaging in general, and especially products from sustainable sources, are receiving new attention, as manufacturers dealing with environmental, health, and regulatory issues look to renewable resources to meet increasing demand. It is now mandatory in many countries for paper-based packaging to be manufactured wholly or partially of post-consumer waste.

Within the classification of paperboard are other grades and descriptions – some of these are used specific to certain industries or applications – just a few examples of paperboards Alta Max inventories and works with are:

1. Solid Fiber – all classes and grades per ASTM-D4727, PPP-F-320 including weather resistant, fire retardant, V2S, W5S, etc.. as well as other military and commercial grades.
2. MIL-PRF-50449 – Ammunition container filler board.
3. Chipboard – A-A-1507, UU-C-282, and other military and commercial grades
4. Hardboard - ANSI-A135.4 and other military and commercial grades.

Partitions are used to separate objects in a container. Typically each cell or compartment contains an individual but identical item, but they can also contain different items in a kit or set being packaged together for delivery and use.

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