High Security CTPAT/ISO 17712 Compliant Bolt Seals and are used to secure high value cargo, railer and container door latches.
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Security Seals

When using Alta Max’s tamper-evident security seals you are provided with an immediate indication if a shipment, tote, container or other sealed item has been opened, pilfered, and/or tampered with or not. Tamper evident security seals are an inexpensive method of securing your profits.

Tamper evident security seals are an essential component in any loss prevention program designed to reduce losses and protect cargo from tampering. Alta Max provides security seal options that meet the standard for a High Security Seal as detailed in the ISO 17712 Specifications and are CTPAT compliant. Please click here for details on C-TPAT.

Our security seals can be custom manufactured with your company name, logo, numbering, barcoding, and various secure print technologies. Contact us for more information and so that we may quickly answer any questions you may have.